Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kenny's Feeding Tube Removed!

This week's episode of South Park addresses many wild angles of a "Terry Schiavo" type case.

Kenny (the character who is killed off in every show) gets hit, run over, and killed by a truck whose driver is distracted by playing the latest hand-held video game. He's thrilled that he's reached Level 4.

Kenny was hit because he was standing in the middle of the road distracted by playing the same game. He's thrilled that he's reached Level 59!

In Heaven, Kenny learns that because he has the highest score on Earth he's been chosen by God to lead Heaven in the impending video game-commanded war against the more populous and powerful Hell. Without their "Keanu Reeves", Heaven is doomed, just like the humans in "The Matrix" are doomed against the machines without Reeve's charachter "Neo".

But trouble looms, back on the Earthly plane, in the hospital, Kenny has been brought back to life after being dead for 24 hours. But now with severe brain damage, he's in a persistent vegetative state and must be kept alive with a feeding tube.

In his will (read while he's thought to be dead), Kenny has left the greedy Cartman all his worldly possessions, but his wishes for how he should be treated if he becomes a vegetable are on the last page, which has been lost.

So Cartman wants Kenny dead; to win their war, Hell needs him to live, and Heaven needs him to die.

A judge, siding with Cartman, orders his feeding tube to be removed.

So of course, the fight escalates, and everyone gets sucked into what becomes a huge media frenzy.

The Devil's boyfriend (yes, I said boyfriend) even tries feeding lines to a Bush-like Republican leader who is giving a speech arguing to save Kenny's life by re-inserting the feeding tube. Thus, if Kenny lives, Hell wins.

Finally, the judge finds the last page of Kenny's will which states that if he ever becomes a vegetable he wishes simply not to be shown on national television in that condition. So everyone leaves him alone in his hospital room, Kenny dies, and then goes back to Heaven, and proceeds to lead it to a decisive and violent victory over Hell.

The creators of South Park gently make fun of most everybody involved, except Kenny, and unlike Terry Schiavo, he'll be back next week.

I want to believe that Heaven, or its equivalent, has plans for Terry too.


On HBO: "Left of the Dial", For A Change...???

Who actually could have really thought that there was no place, or demand, for liberal talk radio? I mean come on, the U.S. is practically 50/50 when it comes to "Liberal" or "Conservative", at least with respect to most Democrat (liberal) vs. Republican (conservative) presidential elections.

The story of Air America Radio now showing on HBO: Documentaries - Left of the Dial, is an interesting and worthwhile viewing for liberals as well as conservatives.

Everybody should be inspired and energised by this, albeit for many different reasons.

You choose your own.

May the debating continue to begin...


Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Jersey Laser Finally Monkey Indicted!

What an idiot this guy is, and he tried to blame it on his little daughter. This fool shined hisLaser at Commercial Jetsand then said his kid did it. What a stupid jerk, this is what a "monkey" is.

They leave the daughter part out of it here, but I remember the initial stories.

"NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A man accused of pointing a green laser beam at a small passenger jet, temporarily blinding the pilot and co-pilot, was indicted Wednesday under the federal anti-terror Patriot Act.

David W. Banach, who claimed he was looking at stars with his daughter, also was accused of lying to the FBI about the Dec. 29 incident in which the jet's windshield and cabin were hit three times with a beam as the plane approached Teterboro Airport..."

This monkey's going to a cage, I feel very sorry for his daughter.


HOORAY For NON-Greedy Billionaires!

These guys at Google know they don't needBIG BONUSES at year end. In fact they must realize it makes a statement worth much more than 10s of $millions$ in the real long run.

'SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Google Inc. (GOOG) pampers its employees with free food and many other perks, but the online search engine leader is more stingy when it comes to rewarding the trio of billionaires who run the company.

In a meeting held earlier this month, Google's board decided not to give 2004 bonuses to the company's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, or its co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, according to documents filed Wednesday by the Mountain View-based company.

The men, who consult on most of Google's key decisions, each received a $1,566 holiday bonus besides their salaries, which are modest compared with most high-profile companies. All Google workers received the same holiday bonus last year. Schmidt collects a $250,000 salary while Brin and Page each receive $150,000 annually, according to disclosures made as part of Google's closely watched initial public offering of stock.

The wealth created in that IPO ensured Google's three top executives would never have to work again, if they so desired.

All three men rank among the world's richest men. Brin and Page each are worth $7.2 billion, while Schmidt is worth $2.8 billion, according to Forbes magazine's most recent wealth survey..."

Yes, it's a very telling statement. What good can come from rubbing your wealth in your employees faces by reminding them that your BIG Multi-million $$ bonus means barely anything at all to you or to your net worth.

Google's going to get bigger and bigger, good move boys!


New Sistani Taliban Rising In Iraq...?

Thanks to Healing Iraq for pointing out the dangers of an emerging new "Iraqi Taliban" trying to assert themselves by beating and robbing kids listening to music.

"Monday, March 21, 2005
Mahdi Army Beats 2 Students to Death in Basrah
No one seems to have reported the latest events in Basrah. Not any of the news services or the blogs.

Students of the Basrah and Shatt Al-Arab universities in Basrah city have been on strike for the last three days as a reaction to the attack last week by Sadrists and Mahdi Army militiamen on tens of students organising a field trip or a picnic at Al-Andalus park, downtown Basrah.

Hooded men assaulted the students with rubber cables and truncheons which resulted in the death of a Christian girl, Zahra Ashour, and another student who came to her rescue after militiamen had tore off her clothes and were beating her to death. He was shot in the head.

Students say that their belongings, such as mobile phones, cameras, stereo players and loudspeakers, were stolen or smashed to pieces by the militiamen. Girl students not wearing headscarves, most of them Christian, were severely beaten and at least 20 students were kidnapped and taken to Sadr's office in Al-Tuwaisa for 'interrogation' and were only released late at night.

Students also say the police and British soldiers were nearby but did not intervene..."

Let's hope the tables eventually turn on these little fanatics, and the new and future Iraqi government puts them gently but firmly in their places.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Iraqis Fight Insurgents, Kill Three...

From Ace of Spades HQ

Iraqis fighting insurgents, it's a very good thing...


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Europeans Suspect CIA Role In Muslim Abductions???

Europeans are probing a CIA role into the abductionsof suspected terrorists who they believe have been taken to countries where torture is more common than in Western countries.

If the U.S. wants to keep denying this: "Robert Wood, an embassy spokesman, declined to answer specific questions about the case. 'But our policy is pretty clear,' he said. 'The United States does not transfer detainees to countries where we believe it is more likely or not that they will be tortured.'"


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Brave Islamic Reformer Irshad Manji Does Bill Maher...

The very brave Islamic progressive reformer,Irshad Manji, author of The Trouble with Islam Today.was on the panel of Bill Maher's show tonight. She was a voice of pure reason, and clearly enjoyed putting the often quite funny moonbat Richard 'but there's lots of other dictators out there...' Belzer into a nearly out of control liberal rhetoric rant.

Islam needs more truth-talkers like her, and the mad Mullah loving Islamowhackos put her in the same Blasphemy Club as Salman Rushdie.

Tarek Fatah, on Muslim WakeUp!, says she's "the Salman Rushdie wannabe author of the fatwa-shopping, newly released book, “The Trouble with Islam.”"

He takes issue with her book not mentioning the many Muslims that did fight against Nazism.

I don't think she has to worry about him, but let's hope that Irshad and growing voices like hers can stay safely away from the sickos. God willing, Inshalla!


IslamoWhacko At Muslim WakeUp! Real Muslim

Tarek Fateh proclaims on Muslim WakeUp! Thanks, but No Thanks: Irshad Manji's Book Is for Muslim Haters, Not Muslims

That's what this guy says...


Muslim WakeUp! MWU! Interview with Irshad...

Muslims WakeUp! MWU!

Helloooo...helloooo...anybody home?


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

FREE Speech Monkey of the Month: Matt Taibbi

For crudely and cruelly insultingthe dying Pope like a politicaly aware 13 year old punk, the New York Press's Matt Taibbi will probably be looking over his shoulder fearing shadows for years.

Lloyd Grove at the NY Daily News lists many political and religious bigwigs who are just plain horrified.
With over 1.06 billion baptised Catholics by 2001, it's possible that just a few people might be insanely teed off about this.

What percentage of Catholics will be absolutely livid and out of their minds over this?
What about just 1%? Is that reasonable? No, let's say just .1%. Just one out of a thousand.
That will only be 1 million angry and seething Catholics possibly praying for the end of Matt Taibbi.

Let's hope praying is all they do.

Some may pray that Taibbi will someday insult Islam enough to get the Salman Rushdie treatment.


False AP Headline: "Death of Italian Journalist Sparks Interest in Other Shootings"

Believe it or not, some people just read headlines. Here's the AP claiming: Death of Italian Journalist Sparks Interest in Other Shootings

Well this was certainly a big and tragic mess, but of course the "Italian Journalist" wasn't killed. So how can AP let a headline like this slip through?

Most likely, accidentally on purpose, that's how.

Is this possibly a wishful-thinking slip on their part? Perish the thought!

UPdate 3/14: A couple of days ago I noticed that AP had changed their headline appropriately. It's comforting to know that AP editors are so much on the ball.