Wednesday, June 08, 2005

9/11 WTC Memorial to Blame USA for World's Evils - The Multi-Million Dollar 9/11 Insult

This story is getting more and more play, I just saw it again at Little Green Footballs, please pass this info around, this is just a total disgrace!

Rudy PLEASE help us, Donald PLEASE speak out about this too, Mayor Nanny Michael Bloomberg let's see if you stick up for the city and the country here. lgf: The Multi-Million Dollar 9/11 Insult:

"tuesday, june 07, 2005

The Multi-Million Dollar 9/11 Insult

On September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing almost 3,000 people and horrifying the world. (Except those parts of the world where they danced and celebrated.)

Now radical leftists have hijacked the Ground Zero Memorial at the World Trade Center, to install a self-hating lecture on America’s sins and human rights failings.

In Debra Burlingame’s words, it’s a multi-million dollar insult. And it’s brought to you by the ACLU and George Soros.

Debra Burlingame is the sister of the pilot whose plane was turned into a gigantic suicide bomb on 9/11, and she was interviewed today on Bill Bennett’s show; you can listen over the web here: Bill Bennett: Interviews.

UPDATE at 6/7/05 3:55:08 pm:

GOP Bloggers has contact information for the 9/11 Memorial: Reclaim the September 11 Memorial.

The board of directors of the International Freedom Center are:

Tom A. Bernstein (Chairman) - President of Chelsea Piers, President of the Board of Human Rights First

Paula Grant Berry (Vice-Chair) - Member of the Board, World Trade Center Memorial Foundation

Stephen B. Heintz - President of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund

Daniel T. Tishman - President of Tishman Construction Corporation

Tom Bernstein is an avowed liberal; I suggest calls to Daniel Tishman (212-399-3600). The International Freedom Center was selected by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. to be at the 9/11 memorial, and the chairman of the LMDC is John Whitehead (212-962-2300). The LMDC board was appointed by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg (311 in NYC or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC) and New York Governor George Pataki (518-474-8390). These people probably aren’t aware of what travesty is about to take place on hallowed ground, so let them know.

3:46 PM PDT
email this article"

This is pure bull sheet people. The 9/11 memorial at the future WTC is not the place for such blame-America-first crap.

Come on, get mad!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

People Who Do This Are Animals! Will The Corporations Save Us?

Take note all you "tolerant" people, from the Center for Religious Freedom:

Radical Islam's Rules shows that in the countries surveyed, state imposition of extreme Shari’a is characterized by:

* a lack of due process, stemming from vague and haphazard laws, untrained judges, and extrajudicial enforcement;
* cruel and unusual punishments, such as amputation, the removal of eyes, stoning, and crucifixion;
* the denial of equal rights under law to women, who are reduced to second-class status in marriage, divorce, and inheritance, and are denied full civil and political rights, equal education and employment opportunities, and equal treatment under the law. Rape and other forms of sexual exploitation often go unpunished due to rules of evidence that give women’s legal testimony less weight than men's;
* the denial of equal rights under law to non-Muslims, making them second class citizens and worse, nonpersons without legal protection, sometimes even from extra judicial killing. Non-Muslims are denied full civil and political rights, particularly regarding religious freedom, and are discriminated against in state education and employment and under rules of evidence;
* the state enforcement of blasphemy or apostasy laws that can carry the death penalty against Muslims who are not part of the dominant group, who dissent from the state-imposed version of Islam, or who criticize the government's policies;
* weak or non-existent democratically elected legislatures, whose power is negated by un-elected religious authorities officially responsible for voiding laws that they deem to be inconsistent with Shari’a;
* and denial of religious freedom to individuals, particularly those who are Muslim, through blasphemy and apostasy laws that punish dissent and debate.

Despite its threat to democracy and American interests, the state use of extreme Shari’a is little understood by American policymakers. With the Middle East now experiencing democratic ferment, understanding the relation of religion and law is more urgent than ever. The book proposes policy incentives for governments to find alternatives to extreme Shari’a.

Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Shari'a Law (Rowman and Littlefield, 2005), 226 pp., $27.95.

Editor Paul Marshall is Senior Fellow at Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom and the best selling and award winning author and editor of twenty books on religion and politics. His has contributed to the Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Commentary, the Weekly Standard, and many other publications. His work has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, and Malay. Contributors include Stephen Schwartz, Mehrangis Kar, Hamouda Bella, Maarten Barends, Peter Riddell, Nina Shea, and a study group of the Rand Corporation."

This is some sick stuff. For more on this, keep an eye on Dhimmi Watch, stay tuned, spread the word.

Capitalism will not let this totally take over the world I believe, but it's still gonna be a mess.

The sane can, will and must beat the insane.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Australians Throw Less Butts - U.S. Needs Pocket Ashtray and Field-Stripping Campaign...

Found this on Reuter's Environmental News site Planet Ark:

"7 billion cigarette butts are littered by Australia's 3.7 million smokers every year.

As a result, 7% of Australia's bushfires are caused by discarded cigarettes - that's over 4,500 fires a year caused by cigarettes and smoking materials.

To combat this Planet Ark, Clean Up Australia and Landcare Australia have distributed half a million Go Green pocket ashtrays into 1,000 Coles Myer retail stores.

We want smokers to use the Go Green pocket ashtray for the great Australian outdoors:

* Keep our beaches and waterways clean

* Reduce the risk of bushfires

* Help protect our wildlife and vegetation

* Stop the littering of 7 billion butts

* Avoid butt littering fines"


We need these things here in America. I just can't understand how people who would never even throw a little piece of paper on the ground because they "hate littering", don't hesitate to always, always throw their cig butts on the ground, and most people never even stamp them out, they just throw a burning butt right into the streets, sidewalks and peoples yards.

Do what I do: Field-Strip your smokes. Either stamp it out with your shoe, and then throw it in the garbage, or tear off or pull off the butt (throw in garbage, or pocket butt bag), throw the cig part on the ground and stamp it out completely. Bits of tobacco and little specks of white paper on the ground are not the problem, they blow away into dust or decompose quickly, but cig butt filters stay around for years, thousands of years for the majority of them, which are made from plastic or other petroleum based concoctions. Camel cigs use cotton filters which might be gone in only 10 or 100 years I forget which.

NYC Mayor Michael "Bloomburglar" should commission an AD campaign promoting better BUTT behavior.

Come on people, don't be stupid; fight the urge to throw those butts on the ground, burning or not.

In addition to helping the environment immensely, if there's less cig butt litter anti-smoking ZEALOTS will have less to whine about.


Friday, June 03, 2005

iPod Thieves Deserve Death When In The Act!

Yup, it's fair, if some dirtball (which you are if you ROB someone) is killed in the act of a robbery using violence or the threat of violence, they deserved it, period! Rip an iPod off someone and run into the street and get smashed by a truck, and iCheer, yup, you deserved it.

Go ahead, pull that stolen iPod out when a policeman is chasing you, and get shot when he thinks it's a gun? iCheer, you deserved it! Some piece of sheet tries to steal an iPod and gets beaten to death by the owner, iCheer, he deserved it. And the victim should be given the benefit of the doubt in claims of self-defence.

From Gothamist: iPod Thefts Don't Surprise New Yorkers:

"The NYPD's news that iPods may be prompting a rise in subway crime gave the media a great way to sensationalize the darling MP3 player. For instance, ABC 7 had this cute graphic (right) and this catchy opening:

If the crime had a name, it would be called 'iRob'- subway riding-thieves targeting people listening to music on their iPod. When the time is right, the thief snatches the device and hops off the train just before the doors close.

But, as with many things, iPod users aren't that surprised and seem to be trucking along: One rider explains her nonchalance to the NY Times by saying, 'It was a concern when I first got it. But I live in Williamsburg, and on the L train everybody has one.' So along with funky glasses and exquisitely weathered denim, iPods seem to be standard issue in Williamsburg! Not only do we like the comparison of iPods to 8-ball jackets, which were stolen during many early 90s thefts, Gothamist liked one of the reader comments from yesterday's post and now we wonder the same: When are the iPod decoys coming? Or the headphones that look like hair extensions? "

Or just paint your headphone cords black like I did, cuz the white iPod ones are a "dead" giveaway.

Of course, if these thieves are caught and put through the system, and found guilty, they don't deserve a death sentence.

But in the act of committing a robbery using violence, the threat of violence, or even if a victim simply perceives the threat of violence, the robber(s) deserves whatever Karma dishes up for them, even a most painful and horrifying death.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Everyone's Like Him! ...BE HITLER FOR 15 MINUTES...HAHAHAAaaaa....

This is good for lotsa laughs, and yes, it's also quite pathetic. Found this over at Ms. Malkin's (who's on the list of course) Beautiful Atrocities: IN THE FUTURE, EVERYONE WILL BE HITLER FOR 15 MINUTES:

"June 01, 2005

mamy31.jpg Rick Santorum compares Democrats to Hitler

Robert Byrd compares Republicans to Hitler

John Glenn compares Republicans to Hitler

Martha Stewart compared to Hitler

The Gallery of Bush=Hitler Allusions

George Soros: Worse than Hitler

North Korea compares Rumsfeld to Hitler

Hugo Chavez compares Spanish PM Jose Aznar to Hitler

Global warming worse than Hitler


All these favorites and many, many more...

Let's try substituting Saddam for Hitler, see how that sounds. Who will be the first?

We humans are SO dang funny!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Regina Crenshaw: Ugly, Evil X-Principal BeOTCH Deserves Massive Beating...

Thank you Michelle for reminding us of this: Michelle Malkin: THE HORROR AT MIFFLIN HIGH: UPDATE:

By Michelle Malkin � June 01, 2005 11:36 PM

Finally, charges have been filed in the monstrous case of an alleged gang rape of a handicapped girl and cover-up by her public high school's administrators:

Two students were charged today with sexually assaulting a mentally disabled girl in a high school auditorium. The former principal was charged with failing to notify police.

The case generated criticism because school officials did not immediately report the allegations to police and said they feared negative media attention if they did.

The 16-year-old girl told a teacher at Mifflin High School that she had been dragged into the auditorium March 9 and forced to perform oral sex on at least two boys as other students watched and one boy videotaped, according to investigators.

Two boys, Brandyn Hobbs, 15, and Timothy C. Armistead, 16, were charged with juvenile counts of sexual battery and kidnapping.

Regina Crenshaw, who was removed as principal because of the incident, was charged with failing to call police. If convicted, she could get anything from probation to 30 days in jail.

Crenshaw's still playing the blame game and waving around her victim card. A separate hearing on her termination scheduled for tomorrow.


The horror at Mifflin High"

Since no one will beat the crap out of her, this pig of a woman should go to jail for years, just plain human trash...