Thursday, February 10, 2005

US Wants Wimpy Nuke Watchdog To Take His Fat Pension And Go...

Here's Little Green Footballs pointing out that the US Wants Toothless U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Put Down. This U.N. Nuclear watchtoad CZAR guy Mohamed El Baradei is a joke. He couldn't handle Iraq then, and he can't handle Iran or North Korea now.

But of course, other brave and unbiased Muslims and also Frenchman WILL be considered to replace him. Of course, if one doesn't, the "Arab Street" and the dictators' Left will most likely cry racism or Francophobia.


"Civil Libertarians" Deathly Afraid of Debating...

So called "Civil Libertarians" and influential terrorist supporters are trying to keep balanced debating and free speech from ruining the college experience for the majority of professors and administrators.

Hopefully this Academic Bill of Rights will pass, and then these shrieking Saddam-loving Moonbats won't be able to brow beat and intimidate students into silence so they can preach their blame America first/always support terrorists philosophy unchallenged.

The times they are a changing...



Just Another Drug War Casualty...

Probably the worst and largest farce on the planet, the diligently named "War On Drugs", claims another one. The "Drug War", a war which was created and escalated by itself, and only for itself.


This Just In: 9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings...

What a surprise! The FAA are a bunch of idiots and negligent fools!

The New York Times breaks wide open with the news that the 9/11 Report belatedly mentions that the FAA had many warnings about Islamofascist terrorists' plans to hijack airplanes and crash them into major landmarks, most likely, U.S. ones.

Unfortunately, in these warnings there were no names, dates, addresses, maps, phone numbers or itineraries, so the FAA just must have figured they were joking, or that the threat would go away if they focused instead on how to make airline travel more enjoyable, efficient, and profitable.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Leave ALL Children Behind?

I'm sure Bush & Company want and think their "No Child Left Behind" scheme will work at improving our school's results, but if what one of my teacher friends pointed out to me is any example, it sounds like way too much micro-managing and old Soviet style "Central Planning".

This friend teaches Special Education in a Connecticut high school. Apparently, some parents of "Special-Ed" students have complained that their children shouldn't be put in "Special" classes, that they belong in regular classes with everybody else. Thus, even the kids who are severely retarded and/or are severe behavior problems, will be "integrated" into the regular classrooms.

It seems like it will be confusing and disrupting to all the students.

But don't worry about my friend's employment status, he'll still be a "Special-Ed" teacher.