Monday, August 29, 2005

GO Jodi, Chris & Joe! GO! Connecticut Sues Pentagon Over Base Closing

GO Jodi, Chris & Joe! GO! GO! GO!!!

1010 WINS - ALL NEWS. ALL THE TIME.: Connecticut Sues Pentagon Over Base Closing

"Aug 29, 2005 2:21 pm US/Eastern
(1010 WINS) (HARTFORD) Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell filed a lawsuit Monday to stop the federal government from removing fighter jets from the Air National Guard Base at Bradley International Airport.

The national base closure commission last week approved a Pentagon plan to move nine of the 17 A-10 Thunderbolts from the 103rd Fighter Wing located at Bradley International Airport and retire the rest. The realignment is part of the Pentagon's proposal to shut or consolidate 62 major U.S. military bases and hundreds of smaller facilities.

Rell argues that the Pentagon needs her approval before moving or altering the guard unit.

The National Guard system, according to the lawsuit, is the successor to the original state militias. The state's right to maintain and direct that militia, the suit contends, is deeply rooted in both the U.S. and Connecticut constitutions. ..."

I don't know all the facts here but it seems that Connecticut, who will now be keeping the Nuclear Submarine Base, might just deserve NOT TO BE the only state WITHOUT a "flying mission", what ever that exactly entails.

It's obvious to me that Connecticut needs a most heavy duty "Flying Mission". Ready to be able to kick some butts in just a few minutes plus. Ready to be able to do what someone should have been able to do just about four years ago: Chase down a few errant passenger jets before they crash into some very tall buildings.

Go get'm Governor, please don't bow down to your fellow Republicans. They are way wrong on this one.

This is simply a State defending its State's Rights against the Pentagon and the White House.