Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Did He Say " _ _ _ _ing" or "_ _ ing"?

My favorite blogger babe, Michele Malkin, and others, are probably rightfully in a snit over the hard rocker Brett Scallions of Fuel "who told the young concertgoers at the Inaugural Youth Hoedown: "WELCOME to the GREATEST -- ing Country in THE WORLD!!!"

Well, did he say "----ing" or "eFing"? There's a difference. "eF this!" or "eF that!" is just NOT the same as saying the whole big bad word, as much as peoples' dirty minds and expectations want to make it so.

Just like NFLer Randy Moss didn't really "moon" anybody.

It's a shame but, implied, disguised, and coded obscenities are NOT the same as outright obscenities.

So, if your kid asks: "Daddy, what's 'eFing' mean?" or "Mommy, what's 'BLANKing" mean?" Just tell them that it's nothing, just an adult trying to be efing(very) clever.

ALSO, what are the profligate, yet still cheap Republican party planners doing cramming pre-teens in with young adults, and putting teenager Hillary Duff on the same venue with hard rock band Fuel? What were they thinking might happen? (Just like what did CBS think might happen when they had MTV do the half-time of last years Super Bowl.)

They must have thought: "It'll be SO cute!" having all the little tweens jumping and cheering and screaming their love for Dubya.

No, they couldn't just have an extra party for the little kids. That's too easy. CHEAP!

Well, according to MTV, they have it as Scallions saying "----ing", so I guess since none of the articles mentioned that he actually only said "EFing!", I guess he was very, very naughty.

Too bad this wasn't broadcast, then the FCC would be faced with the prospect of having to go
after the Republican Party for being culpable.