Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Let The Oil-For Food Chips Fall...

Yey! Finally someone has plead guilty to charges filed by the USA's DOJ in the ever-developing UN Oil-For-Food Scandal, by far the biggest financial scam in this planet's history.

Hopefully "Samir A. Vincent, 64, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Annandale, Va" will be the first of many earthlings from around the globe to be skewered for their dirty dealings in helping to prop-up, fund, support and defend the Butcher of Baghdad and his despicable school girl-raping sons.

It's only right that the first dirt-ball to be squeezed should be an American who's already in this country, as opposed to some Fronchman who's safe in Fronce for example.

Vincent is facing up to 28 years safe behind bars. Let's hope his plea deal doesn't cut more than half of that off for cooperating with the Feds in naming names and such.

America's most likely new Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice claims she'll get tough on this UN garbage. Time will tell, we can only hope.

Of course, we will keep hearing about the UN stalling and stonewalling, and praising the enabling efforts of the formerly esteemed retiree Paul Volker.

May the bloodletting begin...