Tuesday, March 08, 2005

FREE Speech Monkey of the Month: Matt Taibbi

For crudely and cruelly insultingthe dying Pope like a politicaly aware 13 year old punk, the New York Press's Matt Taibbi will probably be looking over his shoulder fearing shadows for years.

Lloyd Grove at the NY Daily News lists many political and religious bigwigs who are just plain horrified.
With over 1.06 billion baptised Catholics by 2001, it's possible that just a few people might be insanely teed off about this.

What percentage of Catholics will be absolutely livid and out of their minds over this?
What about just 1%? Is that reasonable? No, let's say just .1%. Just one out of a thousand.
That will only be 1 million angry and seething Catholics possibly praying for the end of Matt Taibbi.

Let's hope praying is all they do.

Some may pray that Taibbi will someday insult Islam enough to get the Salman Rushdie treatment.