Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Islamist Fascists Reject Saddam-Loving Muslim Brown Noser George Galloway!

The Christian Right would never attack Hillary for kissing their butts. They might feel that she's being a total phony when she panders to them, but they wouldn't try to kill her.
Apparently, radical fanatical Islamic Moonbats may attack a non-Muslim who claims to support them if it looks like some Muslims may vote for the non-Muslim.
Melanie Phillips's Diary: Gallows humour
"George Galloway, whose far-left Respect party sucks up to radical Islamists in order to woo the Muslim vote, was last night forced to flee for his life from some of these said Islamists who threatened to string him up as a false prophet for enticing Muslims to take part in the un-Islamic activity of voting. ..."
(hat tip: LGF)

Why do they hate him so much? I can see why Saddam-haters and U.N. Food Scammer-haters do , but they don't physically attack him.

Why do fanatical radical Islamic Fundamentalist Fascists want to kill him?

Maybe it's because deep down in their trapped and tortured souls they know they are insane and therefore can't believe that anybody but one of them could honestly support them.

Maybe it's also because they believe that democracy and voting are evil, and therefore they are insane with jealousy when they see an infidel (Galloway is, in more ways than one) trying to woo the far vaster pool of moderate Muslims toward the grown-up and relatively civilized game of democracy, thus potentially away from their mad plan of world domination.

The Christian Right will never advocate doing something so savage and barbaric to the ass-kissing Hillary.