Thursday, May 12, 2005

Turn This Guilty Monkey Loose In Gen-Pop!

Apparently this piece of evil scum has hugely expanded his criminal repetoire. I'm not sorry that it's healthy to hate cowardly garbage like this: KRT Wire | 05/11/2005 | Man says he killed girls after daughter disobeyed, prosecutors say:

"CHICAGO - (KRT) - Jerry Branton Hobbs III told police he became enraged when his 8-year-old daughter defied his order to come home, then killed the girl and her best friend with a small knife before dragging their bodies into the woods, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Hobbs, just released from a Texas prison last month, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the Mother's Day slayings of his daughter, Laura Hobbs, 8, and her friend Krystal Tobias, 9."

Mr. Hobbs should be sentenced to life in prison in the general prison population of the most violent, gang and rape-filled, child killer-hating hell hole America can find. Don't put him in a Control Unit Prison where he's isolated 22-23 hours a day. He doesn't deserve the protection.

Keep an eye on him, and if he survives and starts to thrive in Gen Pop, then stick him in isolation. But don't rush to judgement, there's a good chance he'll be beaten to death in due time. Patience is a virtue.